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SANIBEL ISLAND, FLORIDA – October 6, 2008 -

Where’s a good place to stay on the islands? A good place to eat?  A good beach to visit?

What happened last night at the Mucky Duck? 

Who’s where, who are they with, and what are they up to?

These questions are all answered on the Sanibel Captiva Daily…

Today, the Sanibel Captiva Daily is the place on the world wide web to see, and be seen, on Sanibel Island & Captiva Island!  

Sandy Kostick, founder of the Sanibel Captiva Daily, says:

“It’s always been a dream of mine to do something like this!  When Charly, from Internet Services Group of Florida, LLC, said that it could be done cost-effectively, quickly and would be easy to update with today’s web technology, it was, honestly, a dream come true!  It went up fast, and we were on our way in no time!”

The Sanibel Captiva Daily officially kicked off with the islands July 4th celebration, and has had hundreds of daily visits ever since.   Those visitors come from all over the world, many of them visit the island for a week, get their photo on the Sanibel Captiva Daily, and send an e-mail to all of their friends & family back home – showing what a great time they’re having on the islands. 

Sandy says:

“I think the biggest thing for me has been hearing all of the amazing stories people have to tell - such as the reasons why they are drawn to the islands, why they’ve been coming for years, and how happy they are for the opportunity to be connected through photos and videos with this beautiful, tropical paradise that they love so much.  They really enjoy sharing their adventures through our web site with their friends and families back home!  To see what we’ve created being responsible for an extra level of happiness is a truly amazing thing!”

Generally, the Sanibel Captiva Daily takes photos on the islands and posts them within a day, allowing visitors to the islands who use the Internet to share their adventures with family and friends almost as they happen!

Kathy Ashley-Matthews, a visitor to the islands, has this to say:

“Thanks so much for including the picture of the triplets with their Grandma
 Jean and Aunt Karen!  They are so excited!!! We ate at the Island Cow three times while on our
week's vacation... Once for each of the triplets!  We'll be back next
year!!!  Once again, thanks so much for including our family.”

The viral effect of being seen on the Sanibel Captiva Daily has been amazing, Sandy says it was their goal to hit 2,000 to 3,000 visits a month, she’s been clearing over three times that and it’s not even the busiest time of the year!   Typically, the busiest time of year on the islands starts around Thanksgiving and lasts through Easter.

Joyce and Bob absolutely love keeping up with the island happenings from Michigan:

“What an awesome web site!  We love it!  It’s great to see what’s going on, on the island when you’re not there and also, where to go when we come back.  Great service you are doing for the community!”

For the locals, the Sanibel Captiva Daily is a great way to keep up with the local scene, directly from the comfort of their own home.  Joan from Captiva says:

"Well, I have to tell you that I love your site!  Keep up the good work!"

The Sanibel Captiva Daily also offers a complete calendar of events on the island, and tips from local professionals on topics such as Golf, Tennis, Cooking, Nutrition, Pet Care, Business Ideas, Fishing and Real Estate.

Recently, the Sanibel Captiva Daily has added video to the site, allowing people to experience the island, and its offerings, in a real way, from anywhere in the world!

The Sanibel Captiva Daily offers many advertising opportunities, and has been a great way for local businesses to generate business even before visitors get to the island!  

The Sanibel Captiva Daily is the place to see, and be seen, on Sanibel Island, and Captiva Island, in Southwest Florida.   For story ideas, advertising opportunities and even event planning, contact the Sanibel Captiva Daily at (239) 579-0114, or directly on the web at:

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