Southwest Florida Web Design Firm Reaps Benefits of "Going Green"

Media Contact: Julie Digby
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Date: April 1, 2009

Fort Myers, Florida - A southwest Florida web design firm has discovered that “going green” has more benefits than just those warm and fuzzy feelings you get from helping the environment.  As this company discovered, helping the environment can also significantly help your budget. When Charly Caldwell II of Internet Services Group (ISG) set out to do his part by making his business a little “greener” , he never dreamed it would make such an impact on his bottom line.  He realized that his decision would probably save them a little on the electric bill, but had not anticipated that it would result in cutting his company expenses by 40 percent.

“We started out with the goal of saving 10 percent on our expenses, and ended up nearly cutting them in half,” said Caldwell. 

Caldwell began the process of going green by first analyzing ISG’s current expenses relating to energy.  After measuring these costs, he was able to pinpoint where the highest levels of energy consumption resulted, and made efforts to reduce them.  They reduced office power consumption by simple steps, such as powering the computers down nightly, using fluorescent light bulbs or natural light, and just being aware of energy use.  They consolidated their computers so that employees only operate from a laptop or desktop (instead of both).  On-site client trips were reduced by using tools such as Fog’s Creek Copilot, which allows them to offer computer training and technical support remotely, instead of driving to the client’s location.  They also reduced printing and paper consumption by selling all but their most necessary printer, and doing invoicing, proposals, and promotional marketing electronically. 

“Our office has become virtually paper free, which not only helps the environment, but also avoids unnecessary clutter and tedious tasks such as shredding and filing,” says Caldwell.  “In addition to the steps we’ve taken in the office, I’ve also taken measures in my personal life,” Caldwell adds.  “I sold my gas guzzling V8 and now drive a fuel efficient car.  I’ve also updated my bicycle so that I can bike to work (2 to 3 times per week).  I not only feel better about doing my part to help the environment, but the benefits continue to trickle down to such things as improved  finances and health. It’s really changed my way of life.”

ISG plans to continue their steps to becoming a “green” company, and each employee has fully embraced this effort.  If you are in the parking lot outside of ISG’s office, you will notice the abundance of fuel efficient cars, such as the Toyota Prius, and a number of employees rolling up to work on their bicycle.  Caldwell has posted a blog post in his blog, The Big Picture, about the detailed steps they took to “go green”, in hopes that other businesses will follow suit.

Charly Caldwell II recently appeared in the November Issue of Success Magazine.  Charly founded Internet Services Group of Florida, LLC in Fort Myers, Florida, in 2002, after semi-retiring from selling his first business, Internet Services of Michigan, Inc., in 2000.  Charly can be found on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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