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  • Internet Services Group of Florida, LLC debuts new national web design service called the Web Starter Kit.
  • The Web Starter Kit offers a complete, professional, easy-to-use web site, and allows people to edit their web site, anytime, anywhere.
  • The Web Starter Kit features affordable payment plans, additional language support (i.e. Spanish, German, etc), Fast Track service, top-notch personal service and support and a complete satisfaction guarantee.

Fort Myers, Florida – Thursday, September 25, 2008 –

Are you ready to have an affordable, professional web site that you can edit?

Has your current web site developer disappeared, or become unresponsive?

Did you know you can get a professional web site affordably, and quickly, while having a team of professionals help you along the way?

Now, Internet Services Group of Florida, LLC proudly announces its new national web design service called the Web Starter Kit.  The Web Starter Kit solves the problems home, small and medium businesses have when it comes to finding a cost effective, reliable way to build a professional web site, and have dependable support & service before, during and after their web site creation.

Charly Caldwell II, President of Internet Services Group of Florida, LLC says:

“We created the Web Starter Kit to solve the biggest problems people have with web site design and development.   Over the last two years, we’ve tested all of the features of the Web Starter Kit, such as our Fast Track service, and additional language support, on web sites we’d been working on.  In January of this year, using our Fast Track service, we were able to custom build a complete web site in less than 48 hours!”

The company’s Fast Track service allows you to have your web site “in days, not months”.  Chuck Phoenix, owner of Phoenix Fresh Start, with locations in Michigan and Florida, used the Fast Track service, and says:

“Well, believe it or not, we had our first lead 3 hours after our site went online. Thanks to Internet Services Group [of Florida, LLC] for pulling this together so quickly."

The additional language support allows you to add Spanish, German, French and Italian versions of your web site, attracting visitors who speak those languages in the search engines, such as Google.

Typically, custom web sites take 3 to 5 months to create from start to finish, with the company’s Fast Track service, the Phoenix Fresh Start site was completed in less than 3 weeks, and that included the lengthiest part of web development - creating the content.

The Web Starter Kit also includes the ISG Content Manager.  The ISG Content Manager allows people to update the text, photos, videos and files in their web site, anytime, anywhere, from a password protected web page.

The ISG Content Manager:

  • automatically thumbnails photos,
  • integrates videos (such as YouTube), podcasts and any other types of files, and
  • allows you to update any of the text (including multiple languages) in your web site.

The best part is that if you need help at any point, Internet Services Group of Florida, LLC offers unlimited top-notch personal service and support.

The Web Starter Kit also features:

  • Affordable Payment Plans,
  • Real-Time Statistics,
  • Web & E-mail Hosting, and
  • A Complete Satisfaction Guarantee.

The three Payment Plans options are: Budget, Standard, and Lifetime.  Charly Caldwell II, owner of Internet Services Group of Florida, LLC says:

“The Budget Plan has been really successful in today’s economy because it takes the standard custom web site setup fee, which is usually in the thousands of dollars range, and minimizes it by spreading the cost out over time.  Doing this makes the startup cost $500, with an affordable monthly payment.  The Budget Plan allows people and businesses to have an easy-to-use, professional web site when they otherwise couldn’t afford to have one!” 

The Standard Plan has a higher initial payment, with a lower monthly fee, and the Lifetime Plan offers no monthly fee, specifically designed for those prefer to keep monthly recurring costs minimized.

All of the web sites created with the Web Starter Kit have integrated real-time statistics, which means you can monitor your traffic, how people move through your web site, and assure your visitors are giving you the results you’re looking for.

The Web Starter Kit offers complete Web Site & E-mail Hosting as well.  Charly Caldwell II, owner of Internet Services Group of Florida, LLC says:

“All of our web sites are hosted on our very own web servers on the fastest connections to the Internet available, and out of the Florida hurricane belt!  Ever since we started creating and hosting web sites in the mid 90’s - speed, reliability and consistency have been our biggest concerns.”

After switching to Internet Services Group of Florida, LLC’s E-mail Hosting service, Jason Huff, owner of Huff Insurance in Fort Myers, Florida said:

“I can’t believe how well the junk mail filter is working.  I had one junk mail since 6:10 last night.  Normally, I would have around 50!”

Over the last 10 years, Internet Services Group of Florida, LLC and their sister company, Network Services Group, LLC, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, have collectively created and maintained their own mail serving solution which has one of the most effective e-mail spam filtering solutions available today.

The Web Starter Kit can be found on the web at:

Complete information on the Web Starter Kit, and their many services, can be found on the company’s web site at:

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