Charly Caldwell II Sheds Light on New Media and Social Media Practices


Charly Caldwell Sheds Light on New Media and Social Media Practices

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  • Charly Caldwell of Fort Myers web design firm, Internet Services Group of FL, spoke to local Florida Public Relations chapter regarding how new media, social media, and search engine optimization (SEO) have transformed and revolutionized the world of marketing and public relations.
  • Caldwell discussed the importance of key word phrases, as well as testing and measurement of results.  He discussed new tricks of the trade and tools available to help business owners and marketing professionals attempt to master the world of new media.

FORT MYERS, FLORIDA - June 3, 2009 -

Charly Caldwell, of Fort Myers web design firm, Internet Services Group, recently spoke to the FL Public Relations Association about the latest craze in the world of marketing and public relations.  If you haven’t heard of the terms “new media”, “social media”, and “search engine optimization” or (“SEO”), you soon will.  These terms have been transforming the practices in marketing and public relations across the globe.  This fact has many professionals in these fields very concerned.  Many are worried that they may not be able to effectively fulfill their roles if they are not trained in this new school of thought that has revolutionized their profession.  This concern was evident when Caldwell returned from his speaking engagement with a large stack of business cards and e-mails pouring into his inbox.  

“I have given many training sessions in the past, but was surprised at the sort of response that this subject matter produced.  The public relations professionals were so eager to learn more about these practices that have completely transformed the old tried and true methods relative to the marketing and public relations of a company or organization.  It was like seeing a light bulb turn on when I would start really getting into the intricacies of new media.  That was shortly followed by a look of concern, when many of them realized they have not been practicing the essential elements that will make it work,” said Caldwell.

So, what is New Media?  Its interactive digital media, and takes form in interactive blogs, interactive web sites, online newspapers with commentary, online forums, and social networks (such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter). New Media is NOT traditional print media, radio, or television.  However, Caldwell points out that many radio and television stations are providing new media interactivity via their web site, Twitter, and Facebook.

Caldwell has published an e-book entitled “Create Business Now with New Media”, which offers a how-to guide for mastering the world of New Media and Search Engine Optimization.  He highlights the importance of key word phrases and separates them into the categories of “Learn”, “Shop”, and “Buy” phrases.  He also stresses the importance of testing and measuring results, and discusses helpful, free tools that professionals can use to do this, such as Google Analytics or Mint.  In his e-book and his presentation, Caldwell shared a secret key to optimizing web sites, which he calls “4-for-1 optimization”.   These newfound tools and tricks of the trade have created quite a buzz around the world, and have made a huge impact with business owners and marketing professionals here in Southwest FL.

Charly Caldwell II recently appeared in the November Issue of Success Magazine.  Charly founded Internet Services Group of Florida, LLC in Fort Myers, Florida, in 2002, after semi-retiring from selling his first business, Internet Services of Michigan, Inc., in 2000.  Charly has worked with Ted Nugent (built and hosted his Handicapped Hunters web site), KISS (hosted their first web site - KISSOnline, and build the enhanced menu of their CD PsychoCircus), and hosts Sebastian Bach (Skid Row) web site to this day.  Charly can be found on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  Charly’s e-books may be found at

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