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  • Charly Caldwell II, Founder & President of Internet Services Group of Florida, LLC, appears in the November Issue of Success Magazine.
  • Charly reviews why he’s passionate about his job, his team, and his customers.
  • Charly leads by example when it comes to delivering on passions.

FORT MYERS, FLORIDA – October 26, 2008 -

Are you passionate about your work?  Your life?

Think of the best day at work you’ve ever had?  What made it so good?

Do you love your job so much, you can’t wait to start the day?

Charly Caldwell II, Founder & President of Internet Services Group of Florida, LLC, is in the November Issue of the Success Magazine, available in bookstores now.

Charly says:

“As anyone who knows me will tell you, I’m extremely passionate about what I do.  I love to see people succeed and play a role in their success.  Over the years, I’ve always been drawn to passionate people, and have hired the very people I work with because of their passion!”

Growing up, Charly was surrounded by a family filled with passion.   Charly attributes his passion for what he does to his family of role models.

“I have a dad and mom who constantly give everything they have to whatever job they have to do – their love for what they do is incredibly apparent.  In my younger years, I was extremely close to my grandparents, and they were the exact same way!”

Charly, and his team at Internet Services Group of Florida, LLC recently introduced the Web Starter Kit, which is a national web design service built to help people exceed their goals on the Internet.  People really enjoy working with Internet Services Group of Florida, LLC because they get to be part of the entire creative process.

Charly loves to lead by example, and recently started a new business to do just that.

Charly’s new business is Interesting Ventures, LLC, and he operates that in addition to his existing business, Internet Services Group of Florida, LLC:

“I love finding ways to do my best at whatever I do – I joke that I’m a constant ‘quest to be my best’ and through that process I’ve found many ways to help people be their best, too.  On my birthday this year, I founded my new company, Interesting Ventures, LLC, and it has a very clear vision – to help people be the best they can be.  It’s great because I use the techniques we teach at Internet Services Group [of Florida, LLC] on Interesting Ventures projects.  We’re able to measure the results of my personal projects, and use what works for our customers at Internet Services Group of Florida, LLC – it’s a perfect fit.”

Charly’s first personal project, a web site called,, helps people lose weight & live longer through a healthy lifestyle that took Charly ten years to finally get right.  Charly says:

“Three years ago, when I realized my obesity, poor eating habits and lack of exercise meant possibly not being around for my daughters as they grew older, it became crystal clear.  I needed to do what was right – for the long term and do it immediately.  I can tell you - after losing over 60 pounds since I was my heaviest, and most importantly, keeping the weight off - it’s definitely one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.  If I can help others benefit as I have, that’s a truly amazing reward!”

Charly’s second project, a web site called,, helps separated and divorced parents by having a documented plan to reduce the stress and frustration so often felt around dealing with the other parent in regard to their children.

“The solutions I find that work for me in life, or at work, seem to become solutions for others as well.  I love what I do, and the reasons I do it - it’s always been a natural thing for me to share what I’ve learned.  What better way than through the Web, which has been my area of expertise since it gained mass popularity in 1995!”

Charly Caldwell II recently appeared in the November Issue of Success Magazine.  Charly founded Internet Services Group of Florida, LLC in Fort Myers, Florida, in 2002, after semi-retiring from selling his first business, Internet Services of Michigan, Inc., in 2000.  Charly founded Interesting Ventures, LLC on his birthday in August of 2008.  You can visit his two sites at:, and

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